Green Hysland – Brief n°6

Green Hysland’s sixth newsletter is here! Discover the latest updates of the last 6 months of operation, including the presentation of the Power to “Green Hydrogen Mallorca company”, created to operate the hydrogen production plant of the island.

The Green Hysland Project is moving forward, leading the decarbonisation of island economies. We are now concluding our 3rd year of the project (planned to end by December 2025). This year, Green Hysland was selected as H2 Valley of the year!

In this sixth newsletter, you will read about:


  • Why Green Hysland became H2 Valley of the year 2023.
  • A summary of Green Hysland’s workshop and webinar in 2023.
  • Updates on the site works of the project in Mallorca.
  • The “Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca company”, created to manage the power plants of the project.