An array of studies, policy papers and reports are developed in the frame of FEDARENE’s activities and projects. The following documents are categorised by topic, type of publication and by projects.

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Islands as Test Beds for Innovative Energy Solutions

This report has been designed to serve as basis for discussion during the workshop “Islands as Test Beds for Innovative Sustainable Energy Technologies” organized by FES and the Aegean Energy Agency in Athens, Greece. During the workshop, participants identified the technological, institutional and financial barriers on the penetration of technologies such as smart grids, storage of electricity, electric vehicle infrastructures and public street lighting in islands, and presented solutions, taking into account islands’ inherent characteristics.

Know more about Low-Temperature District Heating solutions

All you need to know about RELaTED in a nutshell!

FEDARENE’s Recommendations for a Forward-Looking Multiannual Financial Framework post-2020

FEDARENE is the premier European network of regional and local organisations which implement, co-ordinate and facilitate sustainable energy and environment policies. As such, we consider the debate on the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) as an opportunity to address the weaknesses of the European Union’s approach to funding, and together achieve our vision of a united and sustainable Europe.

PUBLENEF Policy Brief n°1 – Getting your Renovation Strategy Right – Feedback from Local and Regional Experts

PUBLENEF presents its 1st policy brief on local and regional renovation strategies.

FEDARENE Info 45 – Focus on climate adaptation

This Spring 2018 edition features articles on climate adaptation. Because of natural disasters causing great damage on geographical, social and economic levels, energy experts are starting to think about ways to reduce these calamities and to continue the fight against climate change. Wallonia, Skane and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes are three European regions invested in this fight who developed innovative ways to implement climate adaptation measures on the ground.

Design of consumer thermal substations for the integration of distributed solar technologies in District Heating systems

Victor Sanchez and Roberto Garay, of Tecnalia presents a new consumer substation on the 5th International Solar District Heating Conference.

A Flexible Approach to Deployment & Conversion of DH Net. to Low Temperature, with Increased Use of Solar Systems

District heating (DH) systems are key systems for the de-carbonization of heating energy in European Cities. In order to allow for this transition, while guaranteeing competitive energy costs, conversion of DHs is required. DH operation temperature needs to be reduced in order to increase the performance of renewable systems and operation criteria needs to be adopted for the introduction of weather-dependent, distributed heat sources such as solar systems.

Energy precariousness, feedback from the city of Arcueil

This “Social Innovation and Ecological Transition” sheet presents Arcueil’s experience. It reviews the economic results for households.

The challenge of convergence of interests in energy renovation in Wallonia

This article is based on the research conducted during the first year of the Energ-Ethic project, financed by the Walloon Region – DGO4.

New tool to help designers of high energy performance projects: the Walloon Region’s project booklet

Platform Maison Passive asbl, with the support of the Walloon Region DGO4, has developed the project booklet: a practical tool for designers of high energy performance projects!