REMARKABLE Climate Leaders shine at Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum 2023

The recent Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum – Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place 2023 in Brussels brought together over 450 participants, highlighting the critical connection between energy efficiency and finance.

REMARKABLE Climate Leaders shine at Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum 2023

Two standout speakers, Seamus Hoyne and Miljenko Sedlar, left a lasting impression with their impactful presentations as part of the REMARKABLE Climate Leaders.

Empowering local change agents

Seamus Hoyne, Secretary General at FEDARENE, shared insights from REMARKABLE’s Climate Leadership Programme (CLP). The CLP focuses on building local capacity and nurturing individuals as Climate Leaders aligned with regional and national priorities. Hoyne emphasized the importance of locally developed Climate Neutrality Roadmaps, inspired by EU ambitions, as a guide to 2050, addressing challenges and setting long-term goals.

Hoyne also outlined the objectives of Climate Neutrality Services and Solutions, aiming to support municipalities and expand the services of participating energy agencies. These services provide practical guidance for implementation, translating strategic aspirations into actionable steps toward Climate Neutrality.

Powerful climate leaders are those who know how to engage people and distribute their knowledge further.

Seamus Hoyne, Secretary General at FEDARENE

Catalyzing climate leadership in Croatia

Miljenko Sedlar from the North West Croatia Regional Energy and Climate Agency (REGEA) presented a compelling case study on the success of the CLP and Climate Neutrality Roadmaps in Croatia, focusing on the City of Zagreb. Sedlar highlighted the programme’s impact on fostering interest in climate-related topics and the seamless integration of climate measures into the urban plan. The success has garnered national recognition, influencing the Ministry responsible for energy and climate. The programme’s experiences are now being shared for the development of national “Climate officers” programs, fostering collaboration and showcasing the potential for wider replication.

Dive deeper into REMARKABLE

For those wanting to delve deeper into these remarkable presentations, the recording of REMARKABLE’s session is available in the video below, offering valuable insights into their potential to drive significant change in the pursuit of a sustainable future. The presentation can also be downloaded for those keen on exploring the transformative impact of Climate Leadership in detail.