The Cities Heat Detox: healthy heat for cities

Detoxifying our heating systems has never been juicer! Check out the newest campaign of the Covenant of Mayors.

The Cities Heat Detox: healthy heat for cities

We have exciting news! The Covenant of Mayors just launched a refreshing new campaign, the Cities Heat Detox

Filled with healthy nutrients for your cities’ transition to climate neutrality, the goal of this campaign is to embark on a journey together towards a healthier future by detoxifying heating and cooling in our cities

This year-long campaign will offer plenty of opportunities and activities for you and cities in your region to take part in! From enhancing knowledge and sharing inspiration amongst the CoM-munity, to shedding light on success factors and obstacles, the Cities Heat Detox Campaign is a great opportunity for you to raise awareness around the essential role of cities and energy agencies in heating and cooling decarbonisation. 

Step by step, we will achieve our common goal.

To start: we are focusing on the benefits of the Cities Heat Detox.  

Detox your heat for a healthy planet 

Heating and cooling accounts for close to 80% of all energy used by households, which in turn, are responsible for 21% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. This means that local governments, by transforming the systems that heat and cool households at city-level, can have a big impact on emissions. Detoxifying heating (and cooling) is essential for cities to reach their targets and get the EU closer to its climate neutrality ambitions. 

Detox your heat for cleaner air 

Such emissions are not just abstract numbers, they also have direct implications on air quality. Steering clear of toxic sources in your city greatly improves air quality, especially dense urban areas, protecting your city’s environment and citizens’ wellbeing.  

Detox your heat for a stronger economy 

By developing, expanding and renovating decarbonised district heating, as well as rolling out sustainable solutions such as heat pumps, you are supporting a more energy-efficient and modern economy, creating jobs in a new industry.   

Detox your heat for more resilient communities 

The latest energy crisis showed us clearly: gas and fossil-fuels can lead to price volatility, increasing energy poverty and negatively affecting more vulnerable communities. A just transition means ensuring energy security on the long-term and energy security for all populations, which can be guaranteed by heat systems nourished by healthy, renewable sources. Furthermore, phasing out fossil fuels in your city’s heating is sure to mitigate climate change’s long-term effects on local communities, strengthening them in the face of crisis. 

Detox your heat for healthy cities 

Fossil-fuelled heating, representing 72% of buildings’ heating in Europe today, contributes to climate change, energy insecurity and deteriorated air quality. There is no doubt: for a healthier and more secure future, our cities need a comprehensive cleansing of toxic heat sources.    

Share with us the success stories you know about. Throughout the campaign, we will be featuring Detox stories on the Covenant of Mayors’ website and channels. Pitch stories from your region with a quick summary and few key figures to

EU Covenant of Mayors Secretariat