Regional authority active in implementing RES projects in Medjimurje County

In the last six years, a total of 22 public buildings owned by the regional authority of Medjimurje County were refurbished, where investments amounted to more than €15 million (60% of EU co-financing and 25% of national funding). Discover more about this best practice!

Regional authority active in implementing RES projects in Medjimurje County

To continue improving energy efficiency in the region, in 2023 renewable energy systems were installed in four public buildings – primary school Štrigova and district schools Peklenica, Prekopa and Zebanec, all owned by Medjimurje County. The idea for those investments came during the spring of 2022, when the Croatian Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund issued a public call for financing the installation of renewable energy systems in public buildings.

After checking the building conditions, existing heating, cooling and electricity systems and calculating the potential energy savings, Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. (MENEA) proposed several buildings to be refurbished and the regional authority Medjimurje County initiated the application coordinated by MENEA to the above mentioned public call. Eventually, those four buildings were approved for co-financing.

Previously used energy sources in these buildings (natural gas and fuel oil for heating) were replaced by energy efficient air to water heat pumps for heating and cooling and photovoltaic power plants for electricity production. The total power of photovoltaics installed on all four roofs of the mentioned school buildings is 80 kW and the total power of all four installed heat pumps is 310 kW. Average annual energy savings are estimated between 65% and 85%.

Investments for those projects are around €540,000, with a national co-financing rate of 40%. Thanks to these investments, the sense of comfort in the buildings for around 250 students was enhanced, energy independence of buildings was raised, and energy expenditures were reduced. In addition to the benefits enjoyed by the users, the renovations also contribute to achieving the goals set in the current Energy Efficiency Action Plan of Medjimurje County.

Design project documentation for several projects connected to energy refurbishment and installation of renewable energy systems in public buildings (mostly educational and health institutions) owned by Medjimurje County are also in preparation – some awaiting implementation and some anticipating opportunities for potential funding. This will be a step further for Medjimurje to become a greener and more sustainable region in the future.

This best practice is extracted from our publication ‘Sustainable Regions in Action‘. Discover more best practices here!