Conference of Mayors “Translating the EU Green Deal into local action”, as part of the Belgian EU Presidency

FEDARENE is supporting the Flemish Government in gathering 550 cities and energy agencies to the high-level event on climate neutrality of 2024! Join us!

The 15 March 2024 from 09:00 to 18:00 Brussels time

Local and regional authorities and their energy agencies are in the driver’s seat to put the Green Deal into practice. Their mobilization capacity should be embedded in the heart of the EU Green Deal initiatives to facilitate the best possible participation of our citizens, enterprises, and local community organizations.

Holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2024, the government of the Flanders region of Belgium is inviting 550 mayors and local / regional actors ‘Fit for 55’ to highlight the way forward for EU Green Deal’s supportive initiatives for local governments, based on practical experiences. As a concrete example, Flanders has launched a Local Energy and Climate Pact as a contractual basis for tangible targets and support, per number of inhabitants, between the regional and local governments.

The ways of implementing solutions to reach the Green Deal’s ambition are countless, but they all have in common that they do take concrete shape locally. It’s high time to bring these local governments together. To learn how cities and energy agencies are making a difference through an unprecedented mobilization of all local and regional partners. By analysing and scaling up mutually reinforcing partnerships between local governments, regions, energy agencies and European initiatives. By matching ambitions to regulations and investment plans.

The conference will present inspirational initiatives, policies, and methods from Flanders and abroad. As a participant, you will be able to choose from a range of plenary sessions and panels with inspiring, high-level political representatives of all levels of government, and in-depth sessions with experts from across Europe.

The first parallel in-depth session at the European Committee of Regions will be Fit for 55 translated into local solutions. Discover ready-to-replicate approaches and integrated solutions to make the Green Deal a reality. Interact with one-stop-shops and energy agencies on how to bring EU policies closer to companies and communities.

Check the full programme here.