[Event in Spanish] City Councils for sustainability

For Spanish stakeholders, learn how too boost the sustainable development of your region!

The 26 April 2021 from 10:00 to 13:00 Brussels time

This conference takes place within the framework of the European PentaHelix project, which aims to develop the PACES (Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy) in a multi-governance work environment in which all agents must be part of the process of development and implementation of PACES. It empowers regional and local authorities to find innovative and affordable approaches to develop, through a methodology based on the commitment of local authorities and agents of different levels and sectors, specifically the 5 pillars of Penthalix participation: public, private sector, academia, NGOs and CITIZENS.

The seminar is aimed at interested agents, local entities, regional provinces, energy agencies, mayors, “stakeholders” of the PentaHelix working groups interested in developing, updating or implementing Action Plans for Climate and Sustainable Energy.