FEDARENE 2022 Assemblies: celebrating 25 years of EREN in León

On 14th and 15th June 2022, FEDARENE members gathered in León, Spain, for their annual General Assembly meeting and to celebrate EREN’s 25th anniversary.

FEDARENE 2022 Assemblies: celebrating 25 years of EREN in León

EREN, the regional energy agency of Castilla y León, Spain, was founded in 1996 by the regional government and in the framework of the Save Programme. 25 years and 200 projects later, the agency is one of the most successful in Europe, and a leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

87 percent of the energy generated in Castilla y León is renewable compared to 42.4 percent in the country as a whole, in part thanks to EREN’s work.

Carlos Fernandez Carriedo, Regional Minister of Economy and Finance of Castilla y León

The Regional Minister attended our General Assembly on the 14th of June, in order to celebrate this milestone anniversary, together with members of the network and the FEDARENE office.

The agency’s director and our newly elected Vice-President for Renewables, Alfonso Arroyo González, declared that “the energy field has changed substantially by moving from an economy based on indigenous resources such as fossil fuels to the creation of a ecosystem based on renewable energies.”

This institution has allowed Castilla y León to go from being one of the most important communities in traditional energy generation to being the leader in renewable generation

Alfonso Arroyo González, EREN Director

Later, EREN invited 100 of their Spanish and European partners for a celebratory evening, which allowed our President Julije Domac to congratulate again the agency for their work and present some gifts to our hosts, including a certificate for the adoption of 85 trees planted in the region, in the framework of the LIFE Terra Project.

2 days of networking and exchange of experience

Although EREN’s anniversary was definitely one of the highlights of this 2022 FEDARENE Assemblies, many other events and activities took place:

We thank all our members and partners who made the trip to León and look forward to the next opportunities for knowledge exchange!