Follow-up on the Covenant of Mayors workshop in Bucharest – 7 November 2017

More than 70 participants joined the ´Energy Transition and Climate Mitigation : Local strategies and Support Policies´ workshop. Watch the videos and download the presentations.

Follow-up on the Covenant of Mayors workshop in Bucharest – 7 November 2017

More than 70 participants joined the ´Energy Transition and Climate Mitigation : Local strategies and Support Policies´ workshop

The videos and the presentations of Covenant of Mayors workshop organised in Bucharest (Romania) are now available online for anyone to use. This workshop was the opportunity to explore synergies between the national energy and climate strategies and the Covenant, to discuss the new development of the initiative and to share knowledge and tools on mitigation and adaptation issues.

More than 70 participants were involved in the workshop, amongst them, signatory and non-signatory cities, regional and local authorities associations, energy agencies and representatives of national and European level.

A large number of Romanian municipalities, through their engagement in the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) initiative, demonstrated their willingness to engage in a sustainable energy transition, but not all of them managed to take action. Few also decided to tackle the vulnerabilities of their territories to climate change through the development of an adaptation strategy. This event was the opportunity to share knowledge on these issues, discussing tools and methodologies, confronting experiences can be beneficial for local authorities to succeed in their sustainable energy and climate transition.

All the presentations are available:

  • Eero Ailo – European Commission DG Energy

Recent developments in EU policy for sustainable energy and climate – View slideshow

  • Mihaela Virginia Toader – State Secretary, Ministry of Regional Development

Presentation of Romanian national funding opportunities

  • Reinhard Six – European Investment Bank

Technical and financial services of the European Investment Bank for local energy efficiency projects View slideshow

  • Elodie Bossio -FEDARENE – Covenant of Mayors Office

New developments of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy – View slideshow

  • Irina Nicolau – Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE)

Legislative provisions on the obligations of local authorities in energy efficiency policies – View slideshow

  • Daniel Tudorache – Primary Sector 1 Bucharest

Sector 1 Bucharest – Local governance model – View slideshow

  • Silvia Vlăsceanu – Executive Director, ACUE

The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy: A frame for local energy efficiency action plans and more

  • Csaba Borboly – Harghita county, Choir and the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy

The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and European Committee of the Regions Ambassadors  – View slideshow

  • Valentin Voinica – Alba Iulia City Hall

Implementation of the Local Energy Efficiency Action Plan (PEEIs) and Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) in the context of the Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 – View slideshow

  • Monica JorjCenter Regional Development Agency, Romania

Practical aspects of accessing European funds by local authorities (POR) – View slideshow

  • Irina Tatu – Agency for Energy Management and Environmental Protection Brasov

Developing an adaptation plan under the Covenant of Mayors – first examples in Romania – View slideshow

  • Ramona Tanasă – North East Regional Development Agency, Romania

Capacity building of local stakeholders in planning and implementation of sustainable energy and adaptation to climate change – Empowering project – View slideshow

  • Mihai Tudorancea – TUD Consulting

Energy Performance Contracting in the public sector – project results Guarantee – View slideshow

  • Florin Andronescu – Director, Alba Local Energy Agency (ALEA)

Energy Observatory ANERGO – a reference instrument to support CoM signatories in the development / implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans SEAP / PAEDc – View slideshow

Towards a harmonized planning of sustainable energy actions (SEAP) with the urban mobility (SUMP) by municipalities – project experience SIMPLA – View slideshow

  • Ion Dogeanu – Executive Director, Agency for Energy Efficiency and Environment Protection Bucharest (EMEA)

Energy Efficiency Roadmaps and online tools platform for energy efficiency – results from the PUBLEnEf project – View slideshow

Moderators of the event:

  • Florin Andronescu (ALEA)
  • Ion Dogeanu (AEEPM)