Highlights from the EUSEW Award Ceremony

FEDARENE and its members were well represented at the 2021 EUSEW Awards Ceremony, both as the award winners and in the expert jury!

Highlights from the EUSEW Award Ceremony

The EU Sustainable Energy Week took place on 25-29 October. Bringing together public authorities, private companies, NGOs and consumers, the event promoted initiatives to save energy and move towards renewables for clean, secure and efficient power.

To celebrate those initiatives, EUSEW awarded the best European clean energy projects and leaders in their respective categories – Engagement, Innovation, Woman in Energy, Young Energy Trailblazer – and the Citizens’ Award. An expert jury including our Secretary-General Seamus Hoyne and Board Member Christiane Egger selected the winners in the Engagement and Innovation categories while European citizens chose the others via a public vote.

During her speech, Mrs. Egger touched upon the many positive aspects of the EU’s climate targets:

Today we have the target of climate neutrality, which is the real game-changer. It’s a joint clear target, which does not exclude any sector or any country. This way, the time of excuses is over. The transformation will affect every citizen, every business, every public body in the EU and that is really mind-blowing.

Mr. Hoyne highlighted the important role of FEDARENE and its members in their efforts towards making clean energy transitions happen:

I am lucky to serve as Secretary-General of FEDARENE, which represents over 80 energy agencies local and regionally across Europe and they are part of a wider network of over 300 energy agencies which have over 2500 staff and their job, when they wake up every morning is to implement the energy transition. They are at the forefront in our cities, in our towns, in our rural areas to translate the European ambition for 2030 and 2050 into reality.

Winners in Innovation and Engagement categories

LIFE-DIADEME was awarded the EU Sustainable Energy Award in the Innovation category. Based in Italy, the project offers a low-cost way to save energy in public lighting while monitoring environmental conditions. Through the project, almost 800 sensors were installed on light posts in two pilot areas in Rome. An additional 200 sensors were installed in Rimini and Piacenza. With LIFE-DIADEME, In parts of Rome, the lighting system saves close to 50% more energy than regular street lamps. This approach to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the public sector ensures accuracy and low cost, bringing the EU closer to achieving its targets. Congratulations to our member AGIRE and Reverberi Enetec for making this project a reality!

EnergyNeighbourhoods was awarded the EU Sustainable Energy Award in the Engagement category. Initially launched in 2011, it is a programme in Hungary that empowers individuals and communities to take action to tackle climate change by saving energy with behavioural changes. Through the programme, community members join green living experts and identify areas where they can save energy at home, in a way that does not compromise their quality of life. There are also important social benefits of the programme; through savings on energy bills that create the necessary extra budget for household expenses, it helps lift some citizens out of energy poverty. Congratulations to our member B.&S.U. for their efforts in this programme!