ManagEnergy Expert Mission #2: Business model development for long-lasting community support

On 18-20 October, ManagEnergy Expert Francisco Puente (ESCAN Energy Consulting) visited the Valencia Climate and Energy Foundation. On the agenda: Strategic business development, long-term financial stability, financing mechanisms.

ManagEnergy Expert Mission #2: Business model development for long-lasting community support

A strong social fabric

The Energy Department of Fundació València Clima i Energia (Valencia Climate and Energy Foundation, Spain) has 13 permanent staff and an additional 13 people supporting the team in different fields.

A key service managed by the Foundation is the Energy Offices. The first Energy Office was established in 2018. A well trained and committed group of energy efficiency, renewables, environmental and social experts engages with the neighbours to advice and support them in understanding their energy bills, saving energy in their homes, supporting vulnerable families with energy efficiency kits and promoting energy communities through solar PV systems. By 2030, Fundació València Clima i Energia aims to cover a great part of the city of Valencia with overall 10 offices.

These offices all display a strong commitment to the neighbours, with particular emphasis on those with lower incomes and the need of extra time to work with them and improve their energy needs.

Tailormade support

ManagEnergy Expert Francisco Puente (ESCAN, Spain) spent 3 days with Fundació València Clima i Energia to help them sustain and develop their Energy Offices model.

The Mission started on 18 October with a meeting between our Expert, the CEO of the Foundation and the coordinator of the Energy area to discuss the current model and structure of the offices, how services are provided and what are the key challenges faced.

On Day 2, a workshop took place with the Foundation and Energy Offices team, involving senior management, energy, environmental, social and communication staff. The goal of the session was to identify gaps and barriers to find a common understanding on the improvements needed. Experiences from other local energy agencies and their successful services were also examined.

During the third and final day of the Mission, the Foundation hosted a conference on buildings refurbishment and public-private cooperation, with participation of municipal councillor Carlos Mundina Camps. A meeting with the Regional Government enterprise and competitiveness branch also took place, to discuss potential financing support for the sustainable energy projects and energy offices developments of the Foundation.

Francisco Puente

A new model

The Energy Offices in Valencia are a real successful case on how to provide straight forward energy saving support at a neighbourhood level.

Francisco Puente, ESCAN

The Foundation has demonstrated a successful implementation of their Energy Offices Model, which includes a methodology, digital tools and a human team to jointly provide support to citizens at a neighbourhood level.

The improved social and business model suggests the expansion of the offices to other locations in Valencia and beyond.

To realize this ambitious plan, the team will need to further examine potential funding and financing options. ELENA, EUCF, INTERREG and LIFE were all discussed during the Expert Mission.