Climate adaptation & Long-Term Planning

FEDARENE member regions and energy agencies are dedicated to helping municipalities in fighting climate change and preventing its unintended consequences. Read this new publication and find out about some of our best practices’ examples in the field!

Achieving the EU’s climate and energy targets for 2030 and 2050 will not be possible without sound, long-term energy planning at the local and regional levels. This is something FEDARENE members have long understood, encouraging them to support municipalities and work together with all stakeholders involved to slow down the effects of climate change but also prevent its future consequences. In this new publication, you will find out some of the most recent and remarkable projects FEDARENE’s member regions and energy agencies have been working in this field:

  • AEGEA (GR) is developing “Kythnos Smart Island”, the biggest research and development project ever implemented in the Greek islands, which aims to build a local economy that is diverse, circular and sustainable;
  • AGIRE (IT) had conducted a test to evaluate how adaptive lighting system performs in urban environment and how the results have shaped the urban planning in Roma;
  • The Abruzzo Region (IT) is working with regional institutions, citizens and stakeholders to implement the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda (SDGs) for land resilience and economic, social, environmental development;
  • AURA-EE (FR) has developed a free access web-tool to help municipalities plan and monitor their energy transition – «TerriSTORY» ;
  • B. & S.U (DE) presents the European Climate Adaptation Award, a programme for all German municipalities that wish to implement climate adaptation measures;
  • The Zlín Regional Energy Agency (CZ) has improved heat insulation and installed air recuperation in the secondary medical School of Kroměříž to increase energy efficiency;
  • Thanks to EREN’s (ES) contribution, Castilla y León expects a huge growth in electric renewables and Spain will be able to meet its 2020 European goals in renewables;
  • The ISLEPACT project implemented on the Crete Island (GR) aims at accelerating the clean energy transition while meeting regional energy targets;
  • The Agency AE3R Ploiesti-Prahova (RO) has elaborated Local Energy Action Plans for several public authorities in the Prahova County.

All projects are featured in our 2020 Sustainable Regions in Action brochure published in January 2020.

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