An array of studies, policy papers and reports are developed in the frame of FEDARENE’s activities and projects. The following documents are categorised by topic, type of publication and by projects.

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ENNEREG – Development of ENNEREG Regional Sustainable Energy Action Plans

This document includes an evaluation of the achievements of the activities carried out in the ENNEREG partner’s regions related to the development of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) and promoting sustainable energy since the beginning of the project. The document shows the added value of the ENNEREG project in the 12 participating regions, which not only have very different characteristics with respect to their size and their social features and the use of energy, but they also have had different starting points for this process.

EEW2 – Energy Efficiency Watch 2 final report

Final report comprises results from all analyses conducted during the Energy-Efficiency-Watch 2 project as well as from the survey with experts in all 27 EU Member States. This comprehensive report mirrors the implementation of energy efficiency policies across the EU.

Biomethane Regions – Technology Review

The technical review, written by our expert partners at the Technical University of Vienna, describes the merits of the key current technologies for biogas to bio-methane gas upgrading.

FEDARENE Info 40 – Focus on Fuel Poverty

The autumn edition of FEDARENE Info is here. With a focus on fuel poverty, you will read about the social and health impacts of fuel poverty, the power of local community initiatives and how EU can combat fuel poverty and several initiatives against fuel poverty by our members in their territory.

Joint Open Letter on the Future of the “Intelligent Energy Europe” Programme, 2014-2020

The six networks welcome the general direction and focus for Horizon 2020, the new financial framework programme for research and innovation that aims to bring, through a single set of rules, a major simplification to EU funding instruments for innovation.

BIONIC – Best Practices Guidelines

These Best Practice Guidelines have been produced to share the lessons learned through participation in the BIONIC project and to provide guidance on how local and regional authorities can help to establish and influence the use of sustainable biofuels within the transport sector.

Climact Regions: Dedicated Modes of Governance

The objective of this manual is to make general recommendations on the definition and management of governance processes by identifying and analysing good practices selected among 130 practices of 20 countries.

Climact Regions: Strategies & Actions to Mitigate Climate Change

The purpose of this guide is to make general recommendations on defining strategies for mitigating climate change and undertake actions based on 130 practices from 20 countries identified in the Climact Regions project.

Climact Regions: Observation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The purpose of this manual is to make general recommendations on defining strategies for limiting climate change and the actions to be taken from 130 practices in 20 countries identified in the Climact Regions project.

SERVE – Sustainable Energy for the Rural Village Environment – Project Brochure

The SERVE project, co-financed by CONCERTO under the FP6 programme, has concluded its last phase. Read this brochure to explore the results!