Here are the rules of the Roger Léron Awards contest


FEDARENE, the European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment, has been the initiator of the “Roger Léron Award” since 2015.

As a leading association of local and regional energy agencies and regions in Europe, FEDARENE supports activities that help advance the energy transition. It provides a framework for its members to share their experience and gain useful skills and knowledge from the partners in other European regions and countries. In addition, the association itself presents an opportunity for conducting coordinated actions towards energy agencies’ interests. The organisation is a highly visible showcase of its members’ creativity and innovation and strives to keep them constantly informed about relevant European initiatives and policies. In line with this mission, FEDARENE arrived at the decision to establish the Roger Léron Award with the goal of publicly promoting high-level achievements in the field of sustainable energy, and giving them recognition at the EU level.


The aim of the Roger Léron Prize is to acknowledge creativity, a positive and proactive attitude, and the successful implementation of various projects within a very wide field of sustainable energy on a local and/or regional level. The Prize will be awarded every year to an individual for outstanding achievements in a range of areas which include, but are not limited to:

• Energy efficiency in private and public buildings and houses,
• Utilisation of renewable energy sources,
• Promotion of rational use of energy,
• Capacity building in local and regional authorities,
• Raising awareness on energy-related topics,
• Influencing public opinion on modern energy solutions,
• Learning programmes aimed at changing users’ behaviour,
• Support energy efficient measures across different sectors,
• Promotion of clean transport etc.


Each year, the Roger Léron Prize will be awarded to the winner. The aim of this new Prize is to give a voice to the audience present during the Roger Léron Award Ceremony by giving them the opportunity to choose their favourite nominee.

The Roger Léron Prize will not be awarded if submitted nominations do not suit the requirements as prescribed in the Statutes.


In order to prevent a conflict of interest in the selection procedure, the following eligibility criteria apply:
• Only Individual(s) are nominated, not organisations;
• Self-nominations and nominations within the same organisation will not be accepted;
• Members of the Roger Léron Award Jury and their family members are not eligible;
• Jury members cannot rate candidates from their own country.

The Roger Léron Award is primarily a European Award, but occasionally it could be awarded to a non-European based on their achievements within the European Economic Area (EEA) territory.

The nominee must have political, scientific, technical or managerial merit in the development of sustainable energy (renewable energy and/or energy efficiency) on a local and/or regional level in the EU.


1. Creativity

The candidate demonstrates creativity in his or her vision and actions. Creativity can refer to innovative actions, a breakthrough approach, the development and implementation of new ideas, or the capacity to overcome particularly challenging barriers.

2. Impact

The candidate has shown strong and clear impacts in energy terms, economic development/social impacts… in the region and/or beyond.

3. Strategic Vision

The candidate has demonstrated a strategic vision for his or her territory. A strategic vision means both anticipating future developments and identifying potential opportunities to strengthen the city/region as a sustainable territory.

4. Leadership

The candidate has motivated, involved and inspired others in working towards sustainable energy.


The nomination form has to be submitted online through the FEDARENE website. The electronic nomination form includes the name of the nominee, his/her current affiliation and contact information. Personal details (name, address, phone number and e-mail) of the nominator are required too.

The accompanying materials requested include:
• a list of the nominee’s accomplishments along with a comprehensive explanation of the reasons for the nomination;
• two letters of recommendations from experts or institutions capable of assessing the quality of the candidate’s profile in view of the aforementioned criteria (apart from the person/organisation submitting the nomination);
• An up-to-date CV of the nominee.

The nomination online form and the 2 letters of recommendation need to be in English, but supporting documents in attachments can be in other languages.


The Roger Léron Jury consists of 7 highly skilled experts – five members from FEDARENE, one member from EU institutions (European Commission, Committee of the Regions, or European Parliament) and a representative of the sustainable energy industry. The President of FEDARENE acts as the president of the Roger Léron Jury and is responsible for its work and decisions. The work of the Jury is done on a voluntary basis. The Jury is independent in its decisions. The decision of the jury does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the companies/organisations/institutions of which they are representatives. The meetings of the Jury are not public. ln case of equal votes, the President of the Jury will have the decisive vote.


Legal action is excluded. In particular, the Jury has no obligation to ground or explain its decision to third parties.

2020 update: please note that in light of the covid-19 crisis, the concept of the 2020 Roger Léron Award has been revised, and the call for nominations has been replaced by a retrospective edition highlighting nominations from previous years.