As a leading association of local and regional energy agencies and regions in Europe, born in 1990, FEDARENE supports activities dedicated to long term accomplishments in the areas of energy and sustainability. It provides a framework that serves its members as a place in which they are able to share their experiences and gain useful skills and knowledge from the partner agencies. In addition, the association itself presents an opportunity for conducting coordinated actions towards agencies’ interests. The amount of practical on-site knowledge concentrated in energy agencies’ teams could be of high importance for both national and European level authorities. However, very limited geographical areas in which energy agencies perform their activities prevent their voice from being heard at a decision-making level. In consequence, FEDARENE has recognized the importance of common appearance and representation as well as mutual support among agencies.

In line with its missions, FEDARENE arrived at the decision to publicly acknowledge firm contributions to the fields covered by the scope of its member organisations, through the establishment of the Roger Léron Award.