Seamus Hoyne re-elected as FEDARENE’s Secretary General

On the 14th September 2021, during the 2021 FEDARENE General Assembly, FEDARENE members elected Seamus Hoyne once more as their Secretary General.

Seamus Hoyne re-elected as FEDARENE’s Secretary General

Once again, FEDARENE members were present for the annual General Assembly, whether in Maribor, Slovenia – ENERGAP‘s headquarters – or online. It was the occasion to discuss the organisation’s strategy for the upcoming years, share ideas and take important decisions, such as the election of the Secretary General for the next 3 years. Members have chosen to maintain Seamus Hoyne in the position, praising him for the good work achieved so far.

Seamus is a manager with 25 years’ experience in energy, education and flexible learning environments. He has developed extensive networks regionally, nationally and internationally in the sustainable energy and higher education fields. He is a Mechanical Engineer with Masters in Renewable Energy and Energy Management from the University of Limerick and University of Ulster, Ireland.  From 1998 to 2012 he was the Managing Director of the Tipperary Energy Agency (TEA) and grew the organisation from initial concept to one of the leading Energy Agencies in Ireland and Europe.  He is now Chair of the agency’s Board and Director of Electric Ireland Superhomes.  From 2017 to 2020 he coordinated the EU ManagEnergy service.

He took up the role of Secretary General of FEDARENE in 2018 and has worked with the FEDARENE office, members, President and Vice-President to deliver on a range of initiatives and strategic objectives, including the establishment of the Island College.

Following his election, Mr. Hoyne noted:

I am delighted to be re-elected to the position of Secretary General and thank FEDARENE colleagues for putting their faith in me.  The last 3 years has seen the organisation achieve many of our goals and make significant contributions to EU energy and climate ambitions.  Enabling, supporting and facilitating action at local and regional level will be vital if we are to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.  The next 3 years will need even greater focus and we have agreed a new Strategic Plan for the organisation to guide our activities.  I look forward to working with our President, Vice Presidents, Deputy Secretary General and our fantastic team in Brussels to ensure we deliver on our ambitions plans.

Seamus Hoyne will be supported in his work by Patrick Biard, Head of European and International Affairs at Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Energie Environnement (AURA-EE, FR), as Deputy Secretary General:

I am thrilled with the re-election of Seamus as Secretary General of FEDARENE. Over the past years, Seamus has strongly contributed to making the network a highly recognized European network supporting the energy transition.  I look forward to cooperating with Seamus and serve as FEDARENE Deputy Secretary General.