The first scaffolding in the neighbourhoods

The urban regeneration taking place in the Basque Country, thanks to OPENGELA is in progress. Check out where the work is at.

The first scaffolding in the neighbourhoods

The essence of the Opengela project is urban regeneration and, specifically, the refurbishment of buildings. Both Txonta, in Eibar, and Otxarkoaga, in Bilbao, are making progress in the work of the communities that have joined the programme. The first building works are already underway, even though the pandemic has hampered the process. 

In Otxarkoaga, where the project covers 16 flat buildings with 240 homes, work is already progressing in 5 flat buildings and 108 homes: Txotena 18, 20, 22 and 24, as well as Larrakoetxe 1.

In Txotena Street, the scaffolding indicates that the works are underway. But, in addition, all kinds of specialised tasks continue to be defined: thermal installations and renewable energies, thermal enclosures…

Contact between the office and the residents is constant, with all kinds of queries related to the works or the replacement of windows.

In Larrakoetxe 1, the execution phase of the project has been completed. There, the neighbourhood office has participated in the review of the construction specifications, the evaluation of the bids and the selection of the construction company to carry out the work.

In Txonta, the office re-established relations with the neighbourhood in June last year, always in compliance with strict security measures due to the pandemic. And the work has continued.

In total, the Opengela project is working on 221 homes in 17 flat buildings. The buildings with the greatest progress are Txonta 36, 38 and 40, as well as Txonta 2, with a total of 67 homes, which are already nearing the end of the building works. In Txonta 3, work has already begun and is expected to be completed within a year.