Why a strategy for renewable heat in Castilla y León region?

The RES H/C SPREAD project is aimed at developing six pilot regional plans for heating and cooling from renewable energy that could further support the planning efforts of other regions.

Why a strategy for renewable heat in Castilla y León region?

We usually consider that renewable energies have three possible uses: generate electricity, heat (or cool) and provide fuel to a vehicle.

From the three applications, the second, providing heat & cold, has been the one which traditionally has more difficulties for being provided with renewable.

Due to its climatology, Castilla y León is particularly relevant to the use of energy for heating.

Also in these thermal uses the region has more “freedom of action” since the electrical and fuel regulation is tightly held by the central national administration.

Moreover, regarding energy resources such as solar radiation, biomass and geological characteristics, our region has enough resources for being exploited in thermal uses with reasonably competitive costs. It can be added the increase of economic activity, rural development and employment by the use of indigenous resources and environmental improvement over the alternative of imported fossil fuels

In addition to this, several elements have changed in this market from the last years: since the suspension of new buildings to lower prices of renewable technologies through a better understanding of technologies or a better distribution of biofuels or even a possible moderate cost of diesel in the next years.

Last changes, some transient and other structural, provoke that initiatives promoted by administrations should be reviewed.

If it is joined that idea, plus the work done so far in renewables´ planning, it arises logically that is the right time for a specific strategy to focus on boosting renewable technologies for thermal uses. This programme has been called the “Thermal Renewable Energy Program of Castilla y León 2015-2030”.

Therefore, the Castilla y León strategy for thermal renewables is supported by the European project RES HC SPREAD, which looks the same for the six participating European regions, developing strategies to increase the presence of renewable energies in the consumption of heating and cooling in their regions. This RES Heating and Cooling Strategic Actions Development Project (RES HC SPREAD) project is cofinanced by the Intelligent Energy Programme.

This project mainly introduces three distinctive features, very interesting for the sector: -territorialized analysis maps based on energy demand.

  • Supporter tools for municipalities interested of carrying out SECAPs in the frame of the Covenant of Mayors.
  • Transparency and participation of stakeholders in the sector through the ”Country Governance Committees” from the beginning steps of the planning process.

In addition, Castilla y León will continue with this working group system called CGC (Country Governance Committee) to assure that there is future monitoring of the thermal renewable strategy implementation.

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