FEDARENE series on Climate Adaptation

Find the links to all of our articles on climate adaptation on this page. Don’t forget to check back regularly!

FEDARENE series on Climate Adaptation

The state of the climate crisis demands that energy agencies work not only to mitigate its causes, but also to adapt to its effectsClimate adaptation means taking action to reduce the burden of climate change effects, both present and prospective. These actions can consist of environmental, sociological, or economic adaptations. These take place on all levels.

To help share the stories of those driving European resilience, FEDARENE is embarking on a new series of articles focusing on climate adaptation. Below, find the links to all of our pieces so far – and don’t forget to check back regularly!

Climate adaptation and the role of energy agencies

Energy agencies across Europe are turning their heads towards climate adaptation. To that end, the Transform4Climate project helps energy agencies transform into energy and climate agencies.

European Commission

FEDARENE becomes Friend of the Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change

Together with over a hundred other signatories and friends, the European Commission has recognised FEDARENE as a Friend of the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change!

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Climate adaptation in Cyprus

As well as mitigating the causes of climate change, energy agencies are also working to help communities adapt to its effects. The Cyprus Energy Agency is carrying out innovative adaptation solutions across the country.

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Building a climate-resilient Zagreb

After being hit by a series of earthquakes in 2020, the Croatian capital began a holistic reconstruction effort that also integrates climate adaptation measures, designed to ensure the city’s long-term resilience. REGEA is delivering on this mandate through several EU projects.


Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: understanding and adapting to climate change

The region overlooking the French Alps is no stranger to the effects of climate change. But how is the regional energy and environment agency (AURA-EE) helping the public to prepare and adapt? Read on to find out!

Lower Austria’s model regions for climate adaptation

In response to the rapidly changing climate, the KLAR! Programme enables Austrian municipalities to become model regions for the development and implementation of tailor-made adaptation concepts. The Lower Austrian Environment and Energy Agency (eNu) acts as central contact point and coordinator for all KLAR! regions in Lower Austria.

Île-de-France at the forefront of climate adaptation

With the support of AREC, the Île-de-France region has developed a regional plan for adaptation to climate change. After an assessment of the region’s vulnerability to climate change, deliverables include mapping tools to chart risks related to flooding and urban heat, an initiative to grow vegetables in school yards, and more green spaces to absorb heavy rain.

Climate adaptation is a crucial aspect of the green transition. Check out FEDARENE’s Climate Adaptation Working Group to find out more about our work on this important topic.