EKODOMA Ltd. is a private engineering consulting company established in 1991, whose main activities are related to energy-efficient solutions and sustainable energy sources.


EKODOMA Ltd. is a private engineering consulting company established in 1991, whose main activities are related to energy-efficient solutions and sustainable energy sources. Our aim is to achieve economic growth without causing harm to the environment. We have a long history and valuable experience gained in Latvia and other European and Eurasian countries in which we operate within both international projects and framework of private orders.

EKODOMA are providing the following main services:

  • Different type of energy audits for residential and public buildings as well as industry.
  • Energy planning for public authorities (Sustainable energy action plans, SECAPs, Energy Management System and ISO 50001).
  • Energy and Environmental trainings.
  • Engineering measurements and monitoring (thermography, flue gas analysis, indoor air quality, performance tests to CHP plants, boilers and other combustion plans).
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) & CO2 Footprint assessment.
  • Assessment of building sustainability in line with BREEAM and PH requirements.
  • Engineering and technical analysis of projects.
  • Environmental permits

EKODOMA has also implemented various EU-funded projects as national project managers and project coordinators within Intelligent Energy Europe, Horizon 2020, LIFE, etc. programs. Also, has experience providing energy audits for Mongolia (GIZ Energy Efficiency Project, Mongolia (LEEAP for Ulaanbaatar) and Ukraine (Ukraine EEF Energy Auditor Training, financed by German International Cooperation. Support to the implementation of the energy efficiency rehabilitation of educational buildings in Sumy).

In addition, EKODOMA has an extensive local network of partners including individual municipalities, ministries, agencies, associations, building cooperatives, district heating, and utility companies providing professional consultancy and energy services for the implementation of energy-efficient measures, renewable energy projects, and energy management activities and investments. 

Moreover, to make the process of recording energy consumption data easier for organizations, “Ekodoma” has developed an energy monitoring tool, which provides systematic input, tracking, processing and analysis of organizations energy consumption data. Ekodoma Ltd. goal is to give the users a convenient, ISO standard compliant platform at an affordable price to systematically reduce energy consumption, regardless of the number of objects. Not just one month or one year, but in long-term perspective. The platform can be used by any organization; it does not have to be only a municipality. It is suitable for real estate managers, government organization, street lighting managers, etc. Find it here: https://energoplanosana.lv/en/.

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