COOPENERGY – Multi-Level Governance Guidebook

This guide aims to help you work collaboratively on sustainable energy policies, plans and strategies in your region, by developing a ‘Multi-level Governance’ (MLG) approach.

This guide is for local and regional public authorities, who are key players in developing and delivering sustainable energy plans and initiatives. The guide aims to help these two groups, in particular, to work in partnership on sustainable energy planning using Multi-Level Governance (MLG) principles.

The guide can help you to:

  • Understand Multi-Level Governance and how it can help you to work in partnership, learning from experiences and case studies from across Europe
  • Develop a regional Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) and planning tools which are consistent with the needs of municipalities and communities within your region
  • Involve regional and local stakeholders during the preparation phase of your plans in order to get their buy-in and support, ensuring long term benefits for your region, its stakeholders and citizens
  • Deliver SEAPs in partnership, avoid duplication, cut inefficiencies, and share energy resources effectively to help residents and communities make the transition to a low carbon society and economy
  • Identify further information, support and funding