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Integrated Energy, Climate and Spatial planning to enable local and regional authorities to effectively implement their plan. #LifeINPLAN


The project is supported by 9 partners: 4 international associations and research centres, and 5 regional energy, climate, and development agencies.

IN-PLAN Partners’ Countries

Regional partners

The North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA) has been established in 2008 by Zagreb County, Karlovac County, Krapina-Zagorje County and the City of Zagreb under the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. The agency’s main objective and role are promoting and encouraging regional sustainable development in the fields of energy and environmental protection through renewable energy sources utilization and energy efficiency measures implementation.

REGEA is the coordinator of the IN-PLAN project

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Innovatum Progress AB is represented in the IN-PLAN project via the Energikontor Väst (EKV) which is the regional energy agency of West Sweden and a part of Innovatum Science Park. The agency leads and takes an active part in projects that promote sustainable energy, renewables, and energy efficiency in all sectors, in both technology and market development, as well as innovation management and regional coordination and support within sustainable energy and climate.

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Area Science Park is a public national research organisation that promotes the development of innovation processes. For 40 years, its mission has been to boost connections between research and enterprise, public administration and the private sector, supporting national and international initiatives and fostering territorial development.

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Alba Local Energy Agency (ALEA), established in 2008, is a non-governmental non-profit organisation that aims to contribute to the sustainable development of Alba County, Romania, by improving the current situation in energy efficiency, energy management and energy use from renewable sources.

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Tipperary Energy Agency (TEA) is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. They operate as a social enterprise and their work is funded through the provision of innovative engineering services, education, and advice and supported by grant aid from national and European Partners. Their goal is to bridge the gap between climate targets and real-world results by taking the engineering & financial actions necessary to deliver on Ireland’s Climate Action Plan.

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Research centres and international associations

The Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP) is a not-for-profit, independent research foundation working, since 2015, on science-based climate change mitigation, energy efficiency and renewable energy policy, with an international interdisciplinary team of experts generating and disseminating scientific knowledge.

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Urban Innovation Vienna (UIV) is a 100% subsidiary of Wien Holding, itself owned by the City of Vienna and represents the competence centre for future urban issues in Vienna. They develop innovative strategies for overcoming the diverse and complex agendas of a city through dialogue with decision-makers from politics, administration, and businesses. With their Energy Center, working like a regional energy agency, they offer support to the City of Vienna and its enterprises in achieving their ambitious energy and climate protection goals.

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Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (TUS) is a multi-campus university with over 14,500 students, established on 1 October 2021. Their vision is to deliver excellence in multidisciplinary research practice and encourage collaboration between researchers and strategic European and global partners in industry and academia. With their focus on sustainable energy, climate action, social enterprise, rural development and technology, in 2021 a new Sustainable Development Research Institute (SDRI) was established to deliver on TUSs ambition to be a leader in the field of sustainable development.

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The European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment is the premier European network of regional and local organisations which implement, co-ordinate and facilitate energy and environment policies. Regional and local agencies, regional governments and departments working in these fields, are represented in FEDARENE.

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In the news

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Spatial planning: the crucial element for sustainable and resilient local development

#LifeINPLAN published its 1st policy brief where it summarised the latest results of the projects: the 6 steps to integrate energy, climate, and mobility into spatial planning; and the 5 integrated planning phases to effective implementation of spatial plans.

IN-PLAN to empower local and regional authorities via spatial planning

New LIFE project IN-PLAN facilitates the energy transition by empowering local and regional authorities and enacting their energy and climate policies through spatial planning! #LifeINPLAN

What is missing in Energy, Climate, and Spatial planning?

Are you involved in Energy, Climate, Urban, or Spacial planning of your territory? Would you like to share how it is done there? Then, at IN-PLAN, we are interested in your experience!

Building a climate-resilient Zagreb

After being hit by a series of earthquakes in 2020, the Croatian capital began a holistic reconstruction effort that also integrates climate adaptation measures, designed to ensure the city's long-term resilience. REGEA is delivering on this mandate through several EU projects.