An array of studies, policy papers and reports are developed in the frame of FEDARENE’s activities and projects. The following documents are categorised by topic, type of publication and by projects.

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QualDeEPC’s enhanced EPC summary evaluation report

After an EU-wide review of current EPC schemes and extensive stakeholder discussions, QualDeEPC developed an enhanced EPC scheme focusing on 7 elements and tested their applicability and convergence.

The 2nd QualDeEPC newsletter is out

Perhaps this is the shortest review of the year you will read these days – 2020 was different. But QualDeEPC still made progress, check them out.

The 4th QualDeEPC newsletter is out!

QualDeEPC is on its home stretch! Check out the 4th newsletter to get up to speed with the latest publications.

FEDARENE Info 53 – Focus on energy data, essential for buildings’ renovation

For this summer edition, we dive into the energy data of buildings and Repowering the EU.

Report on 7 nationally adapted Deep Renovation Network Platform concepts

What is the Deep Renovation Network Platform mentioned in several QualDeEPC outputs? In short, it's an online platform that supports market actors in deep energy renovation. In long, check out this report written by project partner ESCAN.

QualDeEPC Draft policy recommendations on Energy Performance Certificates

The QualDeEPC consortium published its EU draft policy recommendations, which take into consideration the recent recast of the EPBD. Check out the project's propositions.

The 3rd QualDeEPC newsletter is out!

What is happening in QualDeEPC? The 3rd Newsletter is there. Check it out under a warm blanket.

FEDARENE Info 52 – Focus on European Integrated Renovation Services

For this autumn edition, we dive into a key topic of the renovation wave: one-stop-shops and renovation services.

Enhanced EPC assessment, certification and use

Building on your feedback on the QualDeEPC’s Green paper published in 2020, discover the advanced White Paper on good practice in EPC assessment, certification, and use.

What is the feedback received from the (inter)national workshops?

New deliverable published on the feedback received during the 2nd round of national and EU QualDeEPC workshops.

QualDeEPC explained at a glance

Read more about the project in all 6 languages of the partners.

Report on Energy Performance Certificates best practices

A common vision for an improved Energy Performance Certificates scheme.

Report on local Energy Performance Certificates situation and cross-country comparison matrix

A detailed analysis of the potential enhanced Energy Performance Certificates elements as well as a cross-country comparison matrix.

Energy Performance Certificates shortcomings

Analysis of the gaps and shortcomings in the current EPC schemes in QualDeEPC country partners and national priority approaches to their resolution.

QualDeEPC’s Development Strategy Plan defines seven priorities

The Development Strategy Plan will be the guidance for the development phase of enhanced EPC schemes, tools needed, and specifically the Deep Renovation Network Platforms.

Green paper on good practice in Energy Performance Certificates assessment, certification, and use

This Green Paper provides detailed analysis, draft policy proposals and draft descriptions of tools on the 7 areas that the QualDeEPC project has identified as its priorities for the development of enhanced EPC schemes.

The first QualDeEPC newsletter is out

QualDeEPC 1st newsletter features tons of interesting information on EPC schemes, the related challenges and opportunities.