“A true climate leader integrates innovations into everyday work“

Miljenko Sedlar, Assistant Managing Director at The North-West Croatia Regional Energy and Clilmate Agency, sheds light on climate leadership in Croatia.

“A true climate leader integrates innovations into everyday work“

What are a climate leader’s three main qualities and why?

They understand the sense of urgency, they are innovators and good communicators. Not everybody can understand the sense of urgency we live in today in relation to climate change. They can hear about it, and think it is important, but they do not live it, nor do they use their role to make a change. Innovation is critical when it comes to climate change. There are all kinds of innovations needed within society, but all the actions are concentrated in the cities, municipalities and regions. A true leader, as an innovator, will be able to integrate all of them into everyday work and properly use those innovations. Clear, concise and timely communication is crucial in the society we live and work in. Leaders need to have the ability to recognize when, what, how and to whom needs to be communicated.

Why do regions in Croatia need climate leaders?

We live in a society that needs individuals that will develop an ecosystem of progress around them. They are usually looked upon in other fields of action as well, which is great in relation to the need to not create any more silos in relation to climate change mitigation and adaptation. They have a great ability to catalyse the entire society and to clearly articulate the climate narrative. We need change agents that can run the systemic transformation of society, starting with the regions and municipalities.

How does climate leadership look like in practice in Croatia?

Climate leaders in Croatia play a vital role in promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation activities within their municipalities. Our climate leaders can integrate the issues related to climate into the everyday processes of their regions and municipalities. They are at the forefront of efforts to implement sustainable projects that address the impacts of climate change. Their ability to gather and influence other members of society is of crucial significance.

How does REGEA help a climate leader achieve its goals?

Our leaders know their way around the transformational role they have in society when it comes to climate. We, in REGEA, are there to support them in relation to building up their capacity, and knowledge to back up their actions with clear data, studies, advisory, technical data and project development. We, therefore, need to keep upgrading our knowledge and be up to date with all the relevant policies, trends and information. We are their One Stop Shop where they can get all the advice, they need in relation to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Why do you think your local leaders and communities need REMARKABLE?

REMARKABLE offers the opportunity for local leaders to exchange their experiences and expertise with climate leaders from diverse municipalities and regions as well as professionals in the field of climate change. By participating in this collaborative network, leaders have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain practical insights to address climate challenges. Leaders always like to compare themselves with the best in class and through REMARKABLE they can. REMARKABLE also offers a structured approach for the facilitating agents, as are we in REGEA, that steers our supporting role for the leaders.

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